Summer 2017

Been and gone sorry …..if you missed it they be another one just around the corner next year

Some wax things I been doing for a new something to do project 2017……

Along with doing some stuff I go do for over a year now offline , have some funny moments in reality as I continue to do online (need to find some more projects to do now autumn and soon winter will be here) the boredom regime is around and about AGAIN! Must be because the season is over for summer here in Dartmouth coffee project is done and dusted for another summer …..still can’t make up my mind not even after 14 years and now Costa coffee shop has appeared this summer 2017 , Awesome!

The vanilla latte Mmmmm recommend

Done lots of discovering those !In some of dangerous places around Dartmouth that you wouldn’t take your !use incase there is an accident, always wondered what was beyond that first set of steps …’s another beach if you can walk up the next flight of steps and down the next, has most who have been here will know Dartmouth is not a flat part of the UK it’s mostly hills and in the top us where we live …..yeah ontop of the hill

Which has some loverly views so long has you don’t get too bored with them so there’s always someone that comes along to bring g a giggle to that sometimes boredom usually it’s written on a boat ….. And the memories and laughs once had come flooding back and it don’t make it so much of the same scenery different summer effect , more noticeable when you haven’t got kids to take your mind of it (and i certainly didn’t stay single for the dad of my kids either, and has my girls where born before the contact dad law change of 2004 of which my premium baby was born by C-section , im glad of meeting guys from the net for past over 13 years orelse I be dead in my bed by now lol ) so anyway those places had to wait which now I have lived here 14 years since in my early 20’s the more I have noticed now I’m 40.

Flowers in my garden still growing so those bulbs planted are ones that come back every year awesome has they really nice pretty flowers

Dartmouth regatta 2017

Was a nice week had a laugh and a giggle and for the first time since 2007 I could stay out till 2300 and not have teenager-hood kids needing to go to bed

Doughnuts where as usually really nice this year ate all 5 …..and the airshows where as usual amazing so that’s summer in Dartmouth 2017 over with for another year,

Me aged 40 taken in Dartmouth 2017 – 20 years of living in Devon since 1997

The below photo – Me aged about 32/33 back in 2009 taken just before going out before my teenager-hood kids grew up! (Btw all if not most of my 16 years of single without the dad of my kids (thankfully had nothing to do with him not and never been married in 20 years of living in devon ) single mother-hood done online whilst walking through legal and courtrooms in reality, as single parent of 16 years no contact with the dad of the kids thankfully online or offline ) !…..thanks to Microsoft 🗽 and the man on the moon that brought us some awesome giggles,, laughs, a world of discovery adventures and dating sites before 2009 how they turned into BBC news murder stories over the past few years dunno ! But hey oh rightio onto the next here lol oh yeah Halloween hahaha

Ps- I 💖 party in The USA ……and Another part of me

The food festival 2017 in Dartmouth this past weekend i decided has it was a nice morning to go down for abit for the 14th year i lived in Dartmouth last autumn was full of life and had some awesome bits and bobs called fresh food , smelled lovely even from a distance it did weather was nice for autumn, and full of the hustles and bustles of life.


Summer 2017

Been one of those on….and…on….and on summers here

Been down the harbour……drank coffee

Had a giggle at the below (that was over twelve/thirteen years of cybersky life ago lol) still got the video on SD from 2006 somewhere hahaha

Been the beach,…..sat there with some over 50’s policy chatting, I found him lurking around Dartmouth town hehehe (I’m not qualified to be his career lol) but anyway was nice listening to the waves ….and we drank coffee

Been out of Dartmouth, had an awesome laugh and a pint …… and drank coffee

Been doing some stuff local …..and drank coffee with them (Think that project started over 13 years is still ongoing of which local coffee shop serves you the best coffee ) the locals are undecided

Been off seeing family…..and drank coffee

Been the zoo……and drank coffee

Been off doing some stuff I do throughout the year…..WoW didn’t involve drinking coffee

If I went the doc and he asked me for a urine sample …..he be saying that looks abit off colour …….lol it be full of coffee

Dartmouth Regatta 2017 was awesome this year had a right laugh (will find the photos/videos) *sigh involves putting kettle on and making coffee ……

Stuff I learnt throughout summer 2017…..

the coffee drinking go’s on…and..on…and on!

Autumn just around the corner

We found a zoo…

They built a zoo and about three years ago we found it, (once upon a time last summer it was with my three girls this summer it isn’t)

It’s not has big has London zoo, or as big has Manchester zoo but it’s an awesome medium sized zoo with plenty of animals to keep old and young happy,

Start of summer and I went off to the now well known ‘we bought a zoo’ of which you can buy at Amazon in book or movie , whsmith, and I think it’s on Netflix now aswell

There is a cafe there so when you been round half of the zoo you can have a hot snack or meal, cold snack or just a drink, the meerkats are just outside so funny those are you can sit there watching them for an hour and not even realise an hour has gone by.
The two bears are (smudge and chocolate ) hmmm I think that’s their names one is a cub ?! Very close to each other and love cuddling , the zoo keeper said that they even got the bear trained to climb up the fence to have his claws cut (a bear manicure) 😆
The peacocks which run freely are always funny to watch aswell (the zoo doesn’t have elephants or giraffes, )

There’s lots of talks about the animals and them being fed at different times throughout the day, I watched the keepers hide the food for the lions watching them finding the food was interesting, if you was thinking Haas another feeding time like you saw at Paignton zoo or London zoo, you be wrong, they come right past so you can see them hunting for the food like they would in packs.
And they have blue Ice cream 😉  making it a well worth it day out, situated in a lovely village

You can also add the zoo on Twitter

summers here 2017…..

(Me 2017) start of summer so glad i can start summer saying that now i finished being a single long term mum to my 3 girls for 15 years, Job done finally! It was nice to chat with others who and I’m glad they told me that the truth of it is I’m not now held responsible for anything g that happens to them,  All motherhood done on my own unmarried since i left the school gates in 1992 (although asked to at 18 in 1995, with some guy i was obviously in a relationship with, since leaving the school gates, I’ll keep the memories you can keep the council  tax bill and the mortgage lol) andilst most out there was sad to see them leave, especially the ones across an internet who have watched me bringing up my girls for over ten years now, …..It’s summer, they be ok the three knowing  it was never anything to do with contact with dads and  kids (unless you one of those awesome done if someone’s who been a dad from day one even if your not with the mother)  throughout 16 years iv’e been on the internet  just led to more and more proof but then those in the world already knew that to be true, who knew nothing more to say on that, my girls where brought up in a lovely village in Dartmouth, Devon had an awesome childhood and grew up to teenager-hood with awesome childhood memories ……
So anyway summers here time to get the swimwear out, barcardi and coke contract the coconut guy and whilst they all heading for  the beach I’m off doing what i planned to do

Tech History

Following on from ten years of tech history (well 16 if i include mobile tech when i was aged 22/23 years old, geez who remembers the first nokia was it the 850 or 890? hehehe of which never left my hand back there before 2005/6 when i got my first desktop)

Its ten years since….

Windows LiveSpace and my first blog entered the world of cyberspace in 2007, after finding the microsoft website and hangout with the old windows live spacers, where ideas came for microsoft from many of us,  I found this image across the net that better explains the evolving cyberworld,


Hotmail as we remember is today (2017) , Friendser. hi5 along with forumJunkies where one of the first sites i joined the laughs, giggles, and all the banter never forgotten!  miss dropping by with that pack of chokkie virtual bikkies and that virtual cuppa, today i have to drop it in over skype lol what on cybercahos was that website called that was open to public originally then closed and it was n a meet fr real to gain entrance to website called??? well whatever it was called i lost my password hope you still going strong out there in cyberspace….

Youtube and UStream, Yearbook and Myspace whee i learnd how to by the end f 2007/8 code for own graphics pimpmyspace was our usual meetup place (sadly think its closed now along with smileycental, the p[lace for all those 3D smileys)  where soon after those and lets not forget those dating and meet up sites since 2006/2007 plenty of fish , just one of manyjoined and chatted online to thousands over the past decade (which is quite funny a decade later)! and still do even in 2017

Oh yeah AO-Hell who can forget that around 2007 lol

And the music sites that have brought tons and tons of happy times over the yeas and continue to soundcloud, and itunes just two who can forget piratebay and whilst that was fun at the start who would of known it would end with it becoming the most famous website for involving the police and courtrooms

and last but not least where i first read about the award winning Adobe and now ten yeas later dont sit there with it open wondering where do i start i can actually do my graphics and design stuff along with lots of other design programmes i have learnt how to use over the past ten years along with my girls who have grown up over 13 years loving the internet

Their first learning website was the cbeebies and the one that teaches a child about the world ?? could be national geographic along with the kids one attatched to bbc news no clue if still there my girls grew out of hanging around them

Blimey coming to the end of my 30’s having spent it all here with you few more months and i’ll be 40 first summer without my girls this year since 2016 i plan on doing what i havent done whilst ibeen bringing up my girls a long term single mum with my three girls born before 2004 aw change that hit the uk and became law for equal rights for contact dads  on another note nearly spring the tulips are coming up i noticed along with a few other bulbs my girls planted last summer

Be glad for these boring winter months even ten years later to be over whilst its been nice spending ten years with you across cyberspace its nice to get off here and into reality aswell

getting them in this year and on summer 2017 stand by


For Microsoft….

Look, look up in cybersky you’ll find all those broken interweb connection, broken URL of shattered dreams, we all came together over the decade + and fixed them with all our 💜  from around the world ……

awesome time in wales

Forgot to blog this one there’s been so much going on offline since October 2016 a awesome time in Wales we had me, my three girls and my mum spent a lovely week there nice to mix in with those who we won’t say to much about the whole of them know who they are already I’m sure  but I’m glad they met my 3 girls , me and my mum on that Friday , nice to chat to an adult over a pint hope his little girl loved her pressie when he flew home, geez if we had of stayed out in that rain much longer the pint would of filled up again hehehe

And I think my girls when they finished spending all that cash in the arcades came back home with some of those tickets has soverniers lol nice to say hello to those

I haven’t a clue what the sculpture is in the background but it’s different …..

Getting ready to go out for the evening …..
An awesomely beautiful day in October 2016 my youngest daughter sat in wales

Coffee stop
And another lovely night out we had….

So after a lovely week spent even though it was cold we had a lovely time
Me on the way back….

Little did any of us know that this may be the last time I boot about single mother-hood with my three girls has November 2016 they where circled off into foster care after getting in touch with their twat of a dad in jan 2016 on fb ! All i can say is thank frigg im not married to the farther of my 3 girls and he’s never had contact with my kids obviously police are involved, but Isn’t that awesome online world of people bloggers  and guys i chatted with over the past 11 years who know im the single mum with no babysitter for 15 years, no circling the twat dad into his exes life wasnt it lol not since 1998  hence why it’s all back to the police, my medical notes for the second time since 2004/5 in a courtroom aswell what an awesome update im not religious so why am i walking around Devonshire mainly Dartmouth looking like a friggning Dartmouth nun the longer i i been a single mum of 15 years !….

Born in Devon and bred in Dartmouth Town – Raised by me their Yorkshire mum a long term single mum  my three girls so brought up by me and no im not married (never wanted to be since i been 18 ) !


Been on many a holiday over the past ten years has a long term single  with my 3 girls and of course my mum we have some awesomely lovely memories and of the local town of Dartmouth where I been living bringing up my 3 girls my youngest since birth of now 13 years you know the one I blogged about the prem baby born at 6 months instead of 9 months full term ten years ago over on Windows live blogs since 2007 i bought her from goodreads a book download for her 13th birthday has she wasnt here for much else

It was released on her birthday a lovely poem book and very funny aswell-


which reminds me geez an update if ten years on social media must be about due now
Next blog coming up soon …. and the start of my Adult life at nearly 40 like i just walked into devonshire at 20 years old in 1997 !

A belated happy new year

This new year for the first time in 13 years I never needed a babysitter……(because they ain’t here no more)! So it was nice to go out drink whatever I wanted and not have to be out a pub by 20:00 , yes, yes I know has a mum it’s not a place for kids after their bedtime but geez you cannot believe how strange it felt to be staying out till after midnight for first time in years and years…..Of course took mum had a lovely quiet new years eve over dartmoor



Then back to me mums for half pint of Bailey’s!

Hope you had an awesome new year and your 2017 started a super awesome one…