New years day 2020

Santa must of flipped this Christmas,


Not sure if the mixing drinks done it or the countryside Christmas decided to have this year

Won’t be next year lol, we think it’s one of them he must of flipped due to the tax returns not being returned or rudolphes increases on his airfare

Been, seen and that’s that…. once got no kids around to cover up the reality its a year I had of lots of busy things in my life in reality, events and laughs in between.

Roasted chestnut anyone…..?


Thank goodness there’s a whole 12 months till next year, Christmas, certainly won’t be sat behind the TV!!!!!

Christmas day was one of them eat, drink and be merry errrm apparently sat in front of TV with a mixer (the kids be thinking we mean something to do with music just tell them that it was souncloud and us adults be fine) hehehe.

(something I made has a window decoration for my place this year )

Santa’s grotto on suspension round my house,

really truth is I couldn’t be bothered


Got to admit it is cheaper way to drink in front of TV so went round relatives where they could be bothered, …. Christmas Dinner went down a treat,

Thankfully no kids around the christmas tree I can drink and puke has much as I want again lol, round there house and not mine ๐Ÿ˜ it’s Christmas……

Christmas in the older generation frontroom, well that’s has sparkly as it gets here , looking better than the local crimbo tree a real neat sparkly crimbo tree with all the Dec’s and trimmings… (any crimbo tree competitions around)???? ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ‰ Great way to save a absolute fortune over Christmas & new year is staying away from a pub door! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Be back next month

Last minute Christmas lazzzzze around the local coffee shop to end 2019,

Meanwhile its back to relatives place with mince pie and brandy sauce followed by a mash up of Christmas TV, no mommy got caught kissing santa Clause this year ๐Ÿ˜ฎ errrm yes lovely anyways… .

onto new year…

Errrm errr Ohhh…..

Someone pass the bottle of vodka might be needing it to drain the ๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค

do I hear London new year party in Devon ๐Ÿ˜‚

๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰ Saves travel costs

don’t it, switch TV on ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰

Happy New year to all those sat on sites across the net, you guys all know who you are, and my dad who carnt be sat here this new year, he’s not well this year

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Brothers is that you being dad this new year ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

You be on the coke minus the barcadi then, for about another decade ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ or so…..

Never mind ๐Ÿฅƒ

….. I saved myself a absolute fortune this crimbo in propping bar up and new year oooo those sausage rolls, and nibbles on tap all by staying at relatives….

Nothing like the awesomely cute Christmas cake Dec’s….

All that’s left to say is

And a happy new year start to 2020

Those amazing jokes from the crackers Ohhhh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ lol

Michael Jackson dot tribute 2009-2019

Ten years later and The Michael Jackson dot tribute which back in 2009 was a worldwide effort to support artist David IIlan to produce a work of art of Michael Jackson.(BELOW- My personal Michael Jackson portrait dot certificate 2009) of which you can Google the website @www.michaeljacksontributeportrait.comTo see the final piece of dot artwork One dot = one fanUsually over the bank holiday back ten years ago im usually at the local Dartmouth regatta,
Instead I was booking last minute hotels, package deals and thriller live event tickets.(BELOW- The Tribute wall @ 02 arena)!Has we know in 2009 most fans dropped everything (including myself ,my 3 girls and my mum ) if they could be there the fans was there, this also included dropping dartmouth local events to be at London 02 arena over August bank holiday 2009,Has already blogged previously London was packed with Michael Jackson fans you can Google over youtubeLondon st James park London Trafalgar SquareAndLondon 02 arenaTo see the Loving memories and tributes of 2009We also went to Buckingham palace 2009 You can Google the queen’s guards playing variouse Michael Jackson tributes via the queen’s bandAlsothe amazing and world famous Ohio state marine band during the Superbowl – A tribute to Michael JacksonThree weeks after the bank holiday 2009 at the age if 32, I don’t know why from the age of 2 back in the 80’s my parents bothered to take me the dentist, has I would come back to Dartmouth after a lovely bank holiday 2009 in london go to a dentist appointment for a filling and wake up in a hospital in Plymouth3 years after waiting on a waiting list for the filling to be sorted I had to have all teeth removed the damage from the wait for a filling was shocking !Ten years later 2019 and still no explanation of why that happened in a dentist chair!(see 2009 BBC news story on NHS dentistry damage via a filling to a Scottish under 35 year old female)THIS IS IT!!!!

Whilst sat eating sandwiches down Buckingham Palace with my girls, I happen to feel a few drops if rain

I looked up and thought

“where’s your roof gone your majesty” ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ถ

This is it concert march 2009 ….

It’s really a decade since Michael Jackson stood in front of a crowd to announce his 02 arena This is It tour dates, I was 31

The A.E.G THIS IS IT concert was to be a world comeback where thousands tried to log in to buy tickets as the website crashed many was able to still buy them, within an hour the tour had sold out .

You can find lots of tour information over the web I have just added one link below

this is it info

the music that inspired the movie poster

The music that inspired the world

The world came to Facebook and FB statistics tripled

Disneyland Paris a decade on memories….

I was planning another Christmas in Paris, for the end of 2018/2019 but I left my mum to go instead, although I have 80’s childhood memories of Paris before in 1992 Disneyland Paris was open to public ,

(See the Disneyland UK advert below )

I spent this Christmas and New year recollected the decade ago memories of going to Disneyland

Back in 2009 me, my 3 daughters who was still at school back there, and my mum was on our second trip to Disneyland Paris, the first time we had gone there at Christmas. Time.

Memories of…..

The weekend stay in London before the Eurotunnel where we found the statue of Peter Pan

Disney characters in Hugh glass baubles

Disney characters in Christmas outfits,

Disney castle covered in snow all lit up

Memories of the fasination of the character cupcakes , and waffles with many Disney characters toasted on them, I couldn’t wait to get back home and start making them for myself,

Nowhere near has perfect has Disneyland

Mickey waving in Disney hotel in his Christmas outfit and waking up to Disney for breakfast

The Startours we have memories of 2005 when it first came to Disneyland

Still going strong

And my mum had an Amazing Christmas/new year in Paris

The photo below is exactly how close you can stand in the queue

And who can forget the magical memories of Walt and the art studios where we sat watching a artist magically bringing a character to life from scratch

Hope Disney has a magically awesome start to 2019

Thank you for the memories


Another year nearly over

christmas and new year devon blog this year

Christmas Eve I had a quiet one , Santa must of had an heartattck

I had a family one this year after last year 2017/18 I was in my childhood of Yorkshire and the year before 2016 in Wales with my mum and my 3 girls (see blogs)

Blimey cannot believe that was nearly 16 Christmas going from my mum’s front door to my dads with my kids , 16 exciting Christmas’s living in Dartmouth and I’m just a few months into 41

My 3 girls must of thought I was in bed with santa has they grew up and then he had disappeared by time. They woke up to open their presents


Good thing santa many many years ago brought us when we was young in our 20’s to be exact adults dating sites online one Christmas!

What an awesome Christmas present back there before 2010……..

….. I’m Very grateful since my kids been aged 3 or 4 for that

Incase general public reading this was wondering it’s because my kids wasn’t born under contact dad law, I’m not married to him they was born before that law changed in April 2004, and I’m not married to him, thankfully

not even love since 1998 (violence against my brother then myself by 2001(police statements against Mr g walton with other witness than just me the same has 2002/3) and so obviously not with him or care about him , I haven’t seen Mr G Walton since over 16 /17 years ago, not married to the brmmingham son not his family and im not in touch with him online either since I been 22 a new mum , and got a mobile phone (thankfully nearly 20 years since I finished him , not a days regret at all)!

I’m now 41 thank Devon I left him back there a police log against him sorted that , it’s illegal to not be married to a women yet on birth of a child make it look like she is one Christmas over so now you know geez reality at Christmas lol

We can stop ranting now lol!

Think Santa might of given him the message now since I left Torbay in 2002/ 2003, has the local police knew back there, (domestic violence him not me has the police witness statements back there say,) thank goodness for a pint down the oldenburgh let’s hope so for the children’s sake they drinking pints now Santa ๐Ÿ˜‚

! All I can say is future generations do like I did walk away even in Christmas day!

Geez those Christmas debates/decisions



and I had the internet thankfully since 2001/2002 thankfully met some nice guys from online geez’don’t you just love Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‚!

My mum nearly dropped her Christmas lunch when I said what did you think I forgot be 20 years ago walked out yours and dad’s front door after a cup of coffee and there was someone’s scraggy faced 17 year old son sat in a playpark and you thought I fallen for him when there’s all those other guys in Torbay I could if been with way better than him!

Same has aged 16 and he was 19 ohh the memories over Christmas dinner the dome in my hometown ๐Ÿ˜‚ someone must of put love drops in our coka cola and suddenly I was with him for 4 years inseparable 3 times a week

geez my name come off the mortgaged property from 20/21 years ago yet, it is 2018 nearly 2019 in 10 mins time and I’m not married to him either

oh Santa baby can you send a reminder


Santa must be bent over laughing

What you do put love drops in the coffee

(Love drops = someone must of thought yes you must of thought after all these years I was still with

1) fallen in love of 22 years over a can of coke


2) fallen in love with someone over 18 years if a baby is born , yet neither in reality is true, has in bed in reality with neither )!

Oh geez santa

it went like a nucler bomb going off !!!!


Thankfully met other guys from internet before 2010/2012 since one or two over Christmas in the past!

Someone local back there must of asked the awesome question of

Can someone tell me how she pulled a guy over her Kellogg’s cornflakes ๐Ÿ˜™

Good thing I’m not dieing of anything or I be having an ๐Ÿ’“attack like santa


Well know even Santa knows ๐Ÿ˜‚

(must be that didn’t get pregnant since 2003, have locals and Santa and my 3 girls the wrong impression that suddenly turned into nun since moving here the locals ) ๐Ÿ˜‚

More on that in a summer 2019 blog yes shall we go on …..and on ) ! Lol

Thankfully on that!

Anyways back to Christmas

He’s a clever clever Santa, he might get not be late with Santa delivery next year


Quiet one this new year , soon be the end of 2018 (good thing I’m not during if anything ) was nice Christmas, nice to have an adult conversation without interruptions

Still getting over my brother’s Christmas day lunch he nicely cooked for us all,

think dad was tired and fell asleep at least twice

My lights went outdoors this year

My mum nearly fell off her chair pulling crackers ,

She won the lot including the one with a tag in it for her suitcase

She’s getting to good at that ๐Ÿ˜‚

Hope my other brother’s had an awesome Christmas with all their kids and im auntie this christmas to some more little peoples

Hope santa brought lots and lots of presents under the ๐ŸŒฒ

I had one or two of these


Santa left some at my home

I’m off to sort out stuff for new year Eve

Been a busy 2018 haven’t done much blogs over the year, but in reality have been out more than in, having a pint down pub, sadly the volenteering I was doing for rent years I am no longer doing, along with some other stuff ontop of the volunteering been an awesome 2018.

Dropped local Christmas cards off

And now sat getting over Christmas lunch and boxing day

Can’t wait for 2019

Vodka jello


And squirty cream

Bailey’s and a gingerbread guy

Thats my new years eve sorted!

Just got back home from watching the Dartmouth steam train christmas lights they are amazing (see video)

The stream train was absolutely awesome to see in the new year 2018

Happy New Year and an awesome 2019 ahead that’s about all their is to do in the countryside on new years eve here.

New year’s resolutions ……๐Ÿค” Second Christmas and New year since I finished up my mother-hood, geez the cash I spent over the years on 3 daughters suddenly sunk in by half way through Bacardi and coke !


20 Christmas’s some of the people of Dartmouth had local

Geez I probably blog how they went in the summer, be 42 I will by then

Yeah happy new year have a great start to 2019


Dartmouth Regatta 2018

Dartmouth where iv’e lived for over 14 years now before here lived in torbay it’s in the country. (It’s like a lyric from oasis ‘in the country’s 1992 album.) Around here sometimes


Has we know locally the yearly Dartmouth regatta 2018 kicked off with the usual rowing events, as usual i made my way down for the 14th year.

Not much to blog this year!

I sat enjoying the music and dancing by the bandstand, watched a few rowing events and enjoyed the food (oven baked jacket spuds really yummy along with the fresh doughnuts)

dartmouth regatta 2018 1

The fairground was quiter then usual i noticed,

dartmouth regatta 2018 2

The skydancer was amazing on saturday evening, his acrobatics lit up over the river dart was lovely to watch has was the fireworks display.

I finished off in The Dolphin pub for a pint or two, and danced my evening away till closing.

was a nice but quiet Dartmouth Regatta 2018 this year, but still enjoyed.

Been a long summer 2018 ….

Summer 2018 looks like it’s coming to an end with the lovely summer weather we been having , it certainly been a nice summer this year!

The Summer started in Dartmouth with the yearly music festival which had music for all tastes and walks of life, I bumped into my older daughter with a few of her friends, we had the usual music festival fun, we been having since the girls been babies, had coffee in the new costa coffee shop that opened this year in dartmouth.

Tbh it was nice to be out after 2100 I said to her now I’m 40/41 !


G.c.s.e results that time of year again, good luck to all ,



(me summer 2018)


I’ve also been sitting sorting out my garden which turned into those nice summer evenings of lighting the firepit and cooking food with a few cans ,


I got to admit it is nice to light the firepit and not have to worry that if I leave it to go the loo that one my kids be playing with it,


Also nice to have food outside so that the house wasn’t like a sauna to sleep in !

And the squirrel came in to venture



He’s one of those squirrels that likes to drop nuts in my coffee whilst I’m sat reading a book or chatting online !


Kingswear and Totnes music festival 2018 was lovely to listen to whilst having a pint , and waiting for relatives who I been visiting throughout the summer,


Spent a few hours with my oldest daughter sat over kingswear watching the steam train , eating ice cream just like she loved since she been aged 4, laughing and giggling about funny childhood memories she has my other two got of Dartmouth.

(Oops they not uploaded right)

(I mean who can forget that summer when little miss , my youngest kicked off her shoe straight into the river dart, and the guy working at the station restaurant fished it out of there for her)


The station restaurant is since summer 2018 called a new name,

The kinswear bear shop which is the main photo on this blog , is leaving sadly they are selling and going and up went the SOLD sign at the end of summer 2017 and whilst waiting for the kinswear ferry just after Christmas 2018 noticed they are gone,

Been lovely buying bears over the years for family and my kids have grown up enjoying Kinswear bear shop

It was nice to sit remembering the times back to 1997 , laughing and giggling on torbay harbour 20 years later a few cans at silly o’clock in the morning, was nice to catch up

Getting the train to Torquay


Remembering the time …… Back to when I was 20

Ohh the Winston’s pub has since 2018 changed its name 20 years since I had my first pint in there in 1998

Also been visiting some historic places of interest , of which I’ll blog at some point later

For now have an awesome bank holiday !

Soon be the regatta

a nice cup-a-latte from The People’s cafe….



How could we forget it wouldn’t be summer without this

Come on rodders!…….

(me summer 2018)IMG_20180622_094655


I decided to spend a weekend at gunnislake, a short train journey from plymouth (i started at paignton, got off at newton abbot for plymouth, then plymouth to gunnislake, took about 2 hours maybe 2 and half hours ) A lovely train journeyThe stay in Drakewalls B&B i can recommend to anyone, a friendly , cosy B&B , a short walk of 5 mins maybe 10 mins from gunnislake train statioyn, has very cosy rooms and a cottage kinda feel to it, the mini market is 5 mins away. The breakfast is very nice not to much and not to little. Enough to keep your tummy going till teaDave’s chip stop a lovely little fish and chip shop i can recomnend the battered sausage , chips are lovely not greasy abd not to dry,My first day at Gunnislake i went for a walk to the donkey park at Tamar valley , about 20 minutes and a lovely walk that connects one village to the next i thought was quite funny, how 10 mins later i came out the same place has i started but yet had walked through a village or two,I couldnt stop giggling at this statue , its got to be the funniest iv’e ever seen of history, the mining pitman statue go’s back to 19th century and the Tamar valley mining industry, in 1930 arsenic was still being produced at Greenhill, in Gunnislake, an amazing little village,Tamar valley donkey park- not a bad admission price, ยฃ10 just short of for an adult , i think a family of 4 it was ยฃ20-25 seemed abit silly me, myself and i paying ยฃ10 just to stroke a donkey hehehe, so i took a video of the Tamar donkeys in the field instead.

I walked then towards Liskeard and came across a village calledSt Annes Chapel about half an hour to 45 mins a lovely valley with amazing viewsThe warm spring day had me stopping off that evening at a lovely pub called The vollenteers arms, a very nice pint and a !ovely eveningIMG_20180413_202059.jpgA short walk of about 20 mins depending on how fast you walk in the lovely summer evening breeze back to Drakewalls and a lovely coffee before settling down for the nightThe next day i walked the other way into Gunnislake village, a beautiful Tamar river runs through where i walked down the riverside ,stopped to read my book for an hour or two and enjoyed the sun, and beautiful scenery before stopping off on the way back in the friendly Gunnislake pub for a nice cool pint.Couldnt of picked a better weekend in spring to go

Happy new year…. 2018!


As always some awesome graphics across cybersky that geez so many you dont know which pretty one next to save and send to some post on facebook . I couldnt go around the interweb for the 15 or is it 16th new year now geez guys we been together so long rofl. fast enough collecting and sending….. yes yes most of you are probably sat wondering so err why are you not out on new years eve …….most are!

and i got to admit before i had my kids over 14 years ago i was out celebrating the New Year…..

So yes why not now?

Well for those wondering maybe its time now im not a mum anymore (finished up tucking 3 kids into bed in the evenings so that i carnt go out) This is the first New year its not been spent with my family in 15 years. and suddenly this year whilst sat as usual for the 15th or is it 16th New year (i lost count now) posting the awesome Happy New Years graphics across many a social media and messenger (which i seem to of gotten used to doing whilst wasting away my youth from 25 to 40 of which i am today and bringing up 3 kids)

(see blog below if you missed last years cahos, good thing im not child orientated)-

So lastnight being new years eve i sits down and thinks right where is there to go out in this village called Dartmouth? With its lovely scenic views , great food menus and ……

well there’s local pubs (no nightclubs) the few pubs are lovely nice cosy enviroment but in the past it has been known to keep bumping into peeps that are friendly with exes (as im not even anbd never have been on speaking terms with the twat dad to my kids in over 14/15 years now thats not a good idea) The next generation of his family isnt my idea of Happy New year! ……After all they are not my family and nothing to do with me, so why should it bother me?

The taxis around here are one way ยฃ15 and ยฃ30 return now i could get public transport do they run new years eve? if they do they stop one way at 1855 and the other way i think 2300 …..

The other way is ยฃ30 one way and ยฃ30 return in taxi (double i think new years eve) ! so what exactlly is this village? A village where most tenents are tucked up in bed before 2300 errm seems like it or 1955 the other way, kingsbridge last public service is 1900 to dartmouth ;…., where most of the village have been cut off from socialization, (clubs) and just left bringing up school children till love has passed them by. and then they 45…… (all those with children born before 2004 that is) So that just leaves the question what was this village being used for? …haaa maybe their secret fathers4justice legue for any innocent tenent on the housing that moves into the village before 2005/2006 (see various news articles on this between 2002 and 2006, and then strugggles to get out of here either that or its being used to convert single parents into dartmouth nuns lol as they walking out the school gates of 15-20 years. and then chuck them back into the uk where’s there is no guy left to have a relationship with (isnt that illegal done through legal)?

To say before i personally moved here i was in relationships one of 4 years not forced from leaving school gates and one in devon was……so im sat wondering just what have the council allowed to be built here? and the goverment have been given another ยฃ26,000 to build more in 2017 errrm, wouldnt be in isolated countryside would it? – where they house people inappropriate for their reality life, because lets face it back in 2003 it was pick up keys or you may not be given the chance for 8-10 years again!


The only other way to do it would be to book a B&B /hotel for over the new year festive period and already be there and have somewhere booked already to callopse once new years eve celebrations are over.

I spent christmas at my mums so i could of gone out christmas eve , but had a lovely christmnas day dinner to look forward to where some other relatives came over but spent it having christmas day drinks because i can now im not a mum (and regretting it after because i forgot tequilla is not good mixed with baileys) with my mum to end 2017 but had i not and spent it in dartmouth the same would apply has new years eve. last new years eve 2016/ 2017 i spent it over Dartmoor with my mum.

Expensive new years eve evening out just to mix and mingle with society and have a few drinks dont you think….

Yes the dartmouth society of err what? whilst most are grateful for a roof over their heads since 1997 (20 years now and 1 day) good thing i left school in 1992 educated (so my cv proves) and had landlords property and mortgage before 1997 in a 4 year from the age of 16-20 relationship with a guy 19-23 (who could drive and was working class)! when i moved to Devon in july 1997, landords cert in devon untill 2001 (ill do 20 years of living in devon some other time ) and who can forget the protests of 1995 that hit BBC news, why? was their question back there… it starting to be answered by many a tenent in isolated village propertys yet?

I suddenly realized last night …….errm well in all honesty people who over 14 years i lived here watched me bring 3 children up, never seen in the pub unless it been out of dartmouth, with my 3 kids and/or my family! Some have already questioned over the past 10 -12 years i been chatting over messenger or social media in general well where are your family to babysit maybe twice or three times a year? ……so if they dont live 350 miles away and live local local than why are they not?

Questions that will no doubt need answering at some point in reality and not virtual reality being cybersky in the future! …….Someone must of thought over 14 years since i been 25 i was sacraficing my life for 3 children i was bringing up……. errm im not religious!

And it seems after 16 years nearly of tuckng in 3 kids the cover up was just to keep hundreds and hundreds of single parents single forver for some ugly twat that the kids across the uk can add at 16 on facebook online like its some ugly bug facebook dads party they just started in 2017, (every single womens dream if proving abuse in the 90’s just came alive)! …….thanks for that facebook happy new year to you lol! (First historical sex case to start 2018 off awesomnly already on bbc news)! btw dont name your kids in his surname from birth after 18 years your ex from way way back so far back he’s like a ghost thinks he’s done all 18 years because trhe kids you brought up are in his surname ….carnt warn you more now that we know and i know after 16 years or more !

Meanwhile just so you know actually this is real my own brother lives with his partner here in devon has a load of kids im auntie to (is that by name lol?) ohhh because his kids even though he lived with her for about 16 years now are not in his name ……which is kinda funny this should be brought up now …….. WhooHooo anyone awake out there?!!


The other question about New year in dartmouth is awesome fireworks btw…well we heard them anyway but tbh i spent it sat on cybersky thinking for the first time (now im not a mum and this is the first new year spent at home) the lack of amineities this town has if you dont drive (so why house non drivers here)? ……. its an isolated village! can people move out now they finished bringing up a school child (even though social services have already written many many years ago for myself to the local council back in 2011/2012 when i was early 30;s, tbh i soon realized it took me 6 weeks-12 weeks to accept and for it all to go through when i first moved to dartmouth in 2003, a year later and i was still pointlessly sat on exchange list, when i heard another parent had been for 2-3 years already by 2013)!

they stopped having no choice but to meet strangers of cybersky whilst bringing up a school child and go back to life before we moved here, dancing on dancefloors, going out down the pubs, laughing and giggling …..ohhh geez theres no guys left to meet in reality once you reach over 42 so the point of dancing is what for is the 2018 question?

So the question has to be how illegal or legal has all this been since i been 25 and moved into my dartmouth tenency.

The growing list since the age if 25-

2004 -Go and have prem baby scans, give birth to prem baby and huh they missed cancerous cells? …..all cleared up by 2005

2009- Go to have a filling done , ends up in Plymouth A&E …..accidents happen,……

2013- how chuffing long a waiting list for a filling to be sorted? 3 years and oh awesome 2013 an appointment comes through for torbay hospital, did an amazing job on taking all top teeth out , strange it started off with a filling in 2009! A filling i didnt need 7 months previously! (Didnt need any fillings in torquay 6-9 months previously on a check up (thanks to the local play group supporter who took me on that dentist visit to torquay)

Strange thing is i dont have cancer, lukemia, no illness or virus like that ! And neither am i dieing of anything, (if that changes then ill blog it and let the world know lol)

Ohhh it gets better has now the question of why since the age of 25 have i not given birth to anymore children yet has a judge found out in 2017 im not on birth control since i been 16 and protection? What for is your son some pimping dick since i been 16, 20,25,30? 40?…….the fuking unclean of society?

So glad my medical notes have been in a courtroom 3 times throughout my motherhood aged 25 and now im 40 strange (41 in 2018) its the same medical damages has my mum and dad back in 1985 being my mums c-section aged 24 ……and my dads smile damaged by 1989! … i was told has a child it was a fight down the NAFFI one friday night ! (new years eve party maybe? anyways the point is in 1989 he was 35 ohh what a coincidence in 2009 i be 31 by 2013 i be oh 35 the same age! ……. Yeah im that soldiers kid! (Great album cover is taylor swift’s 1989) btw good thing my medical its all been in front of many judges now great start to the new year (hope yours was better)!…. And thats 2017 dobe it what can only be described has dartmouth open air prison for all the wrongly housed tenents living here, …..over the ither hill is dartmoor prison of historical (not hysterical) uk devon history !…….. From the straight and not bisexual

th.jpg taylor swift

So errm who is paying for the damages? Back to the start ……!

good start to 2018 im going to be having this side of computer in reality and not virtual reality……

Lots to be getting on with i have to start 2018, like who is paying for this isolated pods they built 20 years ago and the damage to peoples lives ? where life is errrm where in Dartmouth once you finished bringing up school kids?

I spent it watching a movie and chatted online lol, geez before kids i would of been out socializing back in the 90’s and clubbing! 20 year history of finding what whilst living in dartmouth? false love and thought the tenents would like some adult company aged 43 rofl! …. I dont think so, not from what i witnessed adult company isnt love since we been 25 …… where their tenancy turns into swing-us-ya -dick around each singles property from any dating site online opps,……. happy new year 2018

Hope you had an awesome new years and all the best for 2018 ……..

Happy new year 2018 picture (1)

Something to start new year 2018 off with a crackers


standing in the queue and all of a sudden some guy about 45 starts talking , i thought at first he was talking to me then realized huh? whos he talking to? i looks at the other women and then looks the otherside of me at the older geezer stood next to me and thought no hes not talking to them……

He;s stood there talking to his fish and chips he was eating!……. Says it all really! ….Anybody want him in reality?

MP Jo coxs death….

Oh is that the next generation grown up whilst we go through this above cahos…… Is it at this point what someone thought they had sorted out the cahos logged with police when we was 20-25 they now at 40-45 find out actually it never was sorted out ……! Wow have they finished covering up for their devon school gate leavers of 1995-2002 yet ? …….as seen in 2014 on bbc news a yorkshire police man says it to the world clear as that on the death of a womens sister!

Iv’e already sent it to police and the local councils …at least theres something good come out of it can come and go out own front door whenever at whatever time and dont have anyone to nagg at where you are , only i dont think any of us wanted someone actually moving in. Saves the domestic violence calls where police wont get involved since the 90;s now dont it!

and then someone thought we was broken ? huh? rofl…..

Strange conversation i had with a single dad who i known since 1997 as that a single dad aged today in his early 50;s in devon so 4 years before i gave birth strange that he should finish up being a single paremt of his one child and he says oh i got to go for a blood transfussion (he’s on his 3rd one) huh? i says to him you just finished bneing a single dad, he was chatting about his kid now all grown up, got a girlfriend, …….a year later and wtf he gets a job and then gets told he’s got about a year to live…….huh? his first grankid is being born!

Devon lights at christmas 2017…..

Oh wow first time in 14 years i have been out in the evenings at 40 years old to see chrustmas lights since i moved to Dartmouth from Torbay in 2003 when i finally got the message through to the twat ex im not in love with him, never cared about him since hes bern 17 since 1998 and never had to call the police again since 2003, phew finally ) where in torbay i once spent the evenings going out in the evenings , going to clubs and dancing on dance floors,

oh what an awesome show of christmas lights it is around devon villages and towns now i have nothing stopping me going out in the evenings .

Above is dartmouth 2017

Nice to go out around Plymouth town center magical christmas show of lights

If your around plymouth they do something thats called a yorkshire wrap, its filled with allsorts and wrapped around a yorkshire pudding instad if a bap, looks very tasty

A photo of totnes i took a whimsical display of crimbo lights to complement the town,

And Dartmouth wishing all a merry christmas and happy new year 2018 …….

Yeah have a good one , 14th christmas in dartmouth ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„

Got an awesome blog start of new year 2018 with ……. Just thinking on what to call it hmmmm , wheres the love? Or …..and they thought they would call it love?! Lol got a few days to think about it..enjoy your pint , got to dash… Still sat here single!

Funny thing – granny says yeah keep cocking on someones son,….. 12 years later she says geez son how many is that now? Son says 23, wow she says how am i meant to buy 23 christmas pressies for tech’ed up grandkids who dont want colouring books ? Her don says i dnt know but other brother got 6 more than the sister that makes it 32 teched up grandkids ……might make it 34 by end of the year!